Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shoestopper #55

I really was going to stop for the night BUT I realised this is my 400th post on this blog! And what better way than to blog about my first love, shoes. The 55th pair too (but no actual shoe collection since I retired/threw away quite a few that Ive blogged about and obviously havent blogged about alot more.

But let's not get too pedantic now.

I had been lusting for a pair like this for ages (since early April) after I attended a 21st birthday party and the birthday girl wore something similar. Well, she had the silver one whereas I finally decided to buy the light gold version.

Bought it at Myers, Miss Shop during a special one-time sale. Lucky because I kept holding out for a good price.

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I don't think she needs more description. I mean, look at her. Shiny, pretty and absolutely fantabulously gorgeous. All that a girl needs in life, and on some special nights. She is pretty solid to walk around in (totter around in). But the curved fronts may be too unstable for cobblestoned walkways. Not a good height to play around in because the ankle can get quite seriously injured ;)


I like a challenge and abit of risk. After all, why live a boring life? But I am a walking contradiction, I am too shy when it matters. Or maybe I am too traditional in my thinking even if my clothes dont reflect that!

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

P.S. Thank you for reading my blog whoever y'all may be! I enjoy writing and I love having this avenue no matter where I am in the world and where I am in life. I hope you enjoy what Ive shared =)

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