Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today, Mayy...

Hey everyone! Today is my fourth day back home in Singapore. Sorry I have been so busy and unable to blog as I was rushing around my last week in Perth and then coming home to finish up some details and meeting some deadlines.

I managed to squeeze in a cultural experience yesterday with one of my best girls, Xin Hui. We attended the Titanic exhibition at Marina Bay Sands and we both thought it was such an amazing 'expedition'. Very realistic recreations from deck settings to the smell of the decks. For a cruise lover like me, I wished the Titanic didnt meet such a tragic end. If you haven't been, don't miss it especially if you are a fan.

Had a really nice sisterly dinner on Saturday at P.S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill with my sis.

Sunday - garage sale at my aunt's and dinner at one of my fave Japanese restaurants, Yamagawa.

Monday - thought it was a stay home day but ended up finishing my research early and lunch w Sam who just touched down and Mick. Looking at his place, kinda made me wished I was back in Perth. Then Titanic with Xin Hui. Went for a browse at the LV Maison Island too. Nothing that caught my eye unfortunately.

Tuesday today - Facial in the morning, slightly pampered. Full body massage next week YAY! And spent lunch with my fifth aunt and mum at one of my fave dimsum places - Taste Paradise in Ion. The two top chefs whom my aunt knows were there so there were some good conversations when they joined us. I also ended my lunch on a high note with one of the most unqiue creations of orh nee my fave Teochew dessert.

I came home late in the afternoon and spent my early evening drawing up some plans and making notes on a very important part of my life that will soon be revealed. Some of you may know what's up so yeah =)

But what now for Wednesday? Maybe the international orchid show at MBS with mum. But all I really want is a drink. Or two.

Till the water falls, Mayy xo

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