Monday, November 21, 2011

M's Food Find #66

Last post for the night! Let's end on a sweet note to kickstart the week! On one adventurous afternoon, conincidentally it was on a Monday, I decided to check out this little French cafe tucked away in the suburb. It has rave reviews and a friend who worked nearby it kept saying how good it was. Gotta see for myself!

It is called Choux Cafe in the Swanbourne suburb, near Claremont Quarters. It is a good thirty minute drive for me but is it worth it? Let the photos speak for themselves...

Sweet section
Savoury pies and quiches...

This chocolate tart looks to-die-for and I was so tempted to get the whole chunk. If not for that sparkly macaron on it...

Other little pastries and biscuits like madelines for sale.

The front seating area, it costs more to dine in than to take-away..

On the left is the chocolate tart, the right is the pistachio chocolate gateau cake.

I absolutely LOVED this. and I am usually not a pistachio person..

The inside was amazingly crumbly and soft and slight sweetness, amazing paired with the chocolate coating.
I got all 12 flavours for myself..

Theres a back seating area.. I personally prefer the shopfront.

The chocolate tart was not all that perfect compared to my other cake. Perhaps I had too high expectations because in all fairness, it was not too bad really.

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Now having tasted all of them over the span of two weeks, yes I was very disciplined, my favourite flavours were the lemon, coffee, colourful and orange sesame seed. I am not usually a fan of lemon but boy, this macaron flavour makes my tastebuds tingle and I would travel there just for it again! That's saying a whole lot! On the whole, it was made near perfection, light and fluffy with a nice moist bit encased. Oh, I could have one every day, or three...

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Choux Cafe on Urbanspoon

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