Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons
Two sides to a coin
Both points of argument
Proposition and Opposition
Debate the life out of a decision...

I've gone through some,
and then some.
There were such difficult ones,
yet there were those which come easily from the heart.

I'm facing one of my toughest mind twisters yet
I've gone through nearly all possibilities
Every day, every night
Every single waking moment
The thoughts and arguments preoccupy my head and heart

Extenuating circumstances had only been made clear
To me, after an important step had been taken.
Cognitive dissonance once again absailed and take hold of me.

I can convince myself and anyone on both sides
One day I feel I was all wrong
Nightfall comes, I think fate has dealt me a hand
All I can do is to be appreciative,
and make the best of things.

Emotional and rational
Money and all things material may have a hold in my head
Playing up a certain argument.
My heart puts up one of its toughest fights so far,
making everything so conflicted.

Please, all I ask for is courage and clarity.
Because deep down, I understand me.
I know the answer.
Above all, the qualities I value in life more than the others.
They all point to one direction,
the direction fate has dealt.

I shall only need acceptance.

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