Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Sayers Sister

WE FOUND IT. We had tried looking for it last year and to no avail because my GPS failed miserably and we didnt think Northbridge could go so far up! But the suburb did and I was glad to discover a milder and quieter and serene side to it.

Sayers Sister in the early hours of morning.

We hit up the place before 9am and found the place to be quite full already! Full of families, friends, old couples, girlfriends just chattering away as if it was 10am, full of life and energy. That is why I love Perth because of the lifestyle.

From the benchtop seatings to finally getting a small table on the corner with comfy chairs.

Prints for the morning.

The menu is different from Sayers in Leederville which is good but the style is the same, you can tell where they are coming from on the menu. I love that. Our food took awhile but I was happy to wait because I know Sayers always put up good food.

My mushrooms with lemon myrtle and fried eggs on toast.

Initially thought it was only one egg...

BUT it was a double sunny side up. I liked that. It didnt look like much but it sure was filling! It originally came with bacon which I swapped for a side of spinach. The dish already comes with spinach so it possibly wasnt the best idea. The lemon lent it a bit of a sour punch which was great.

The birthday girl's brunch of poached egg and prosciutto. Another filling option. She enjoyed it as well.

(Instagram @mayyb)

Definitely worth going back for, Sayers Sister but when we left the place, a long queue had started forming on the sidewalk for it. It is not saying this place seats very few people but it sure is popular!

Worth the hype.

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Visited Sayers Sister with sis on New Year's Eve morning. Definitely good to catch up with her just us two early in the morning with good food and coffee 


My Bubble and Squeak meal which was delicious and so filling.

Her grilled asparagus and pancetta meal with special request of Brioche instead of toast. SO GOOD! worth swapping for brioche.

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