Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Greenhouse

Greenhouse has become such a Perth icon in the city. The building structure is unique and unmissable. I never really gave it a try because going into the city in the morning if you ain't working there was abit of a hassle. Anyhow, found my way there finally when the family came to visit and we needed food in the city.

Cute chairs!

A long line outside waiting for coffee...

A very very simple menu...

Had a muffin because Dad was starving. It was a good muffin, not very dense and I love the oats bits on top.

Dumplings in soup was something different. Sounded interesting and the Asian inspired flavours caught my father's attention. It was...kinda weird.

Poached eggs on toast needs no introduction.

Ordered the sausages potato cake meal which sounded good but really wasn't good at all. Just felt everything was too expensive for the quality.

Even bacon didn't taste right. Overcooked may the word I was looking for. Too much frying too.

Definitely a subpar experience not keen on repeating at all.

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