Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Piccos Kitchen

Another backlogged post: I managed to make a trip down to Piccos Kitchen hidden in the suburb of Maylands for breakfast last year. An unassuming spot, blink and you may miss it. However, it really is that unassuming simple charm recreated in the cafe too.

Packed on a summer weekend morning, I was excited to get started!

Look at all the goodies!

Ordered the dish above and found it slightly bland. However, I did feel it was very healthy and certainly kept me full for the day. The menu changes quite abit so I would love to return some time soon.

Overall, a cafe great for people living around the area but to travel down, perhaps not? I would give it 6.5/10. Average quality, Interesting meals. Good to keep in mind and visit once in a while!

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