Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Beaches Cafe

Have I or Have I not blogged about this place? I doubt it BUT it is hands down my FAVOURITE place in Perth. Most favourite ever. I love it so much.

The food is great, the view is stunning and the whole vibe is so chillax and so me. It is not the best of the best in Perth I know, but some places just speaks to you... and this is it. for me.

My sister calls it the best Eggs Ben ever, because it always changes but the yolk is always perfectly runny. The hollaindaise sauce is always creamy and yums.

Love the beans!

Best panckes I have had. Sometimes it doesnt look this way or tastes as good but for that day, this was epic.

Their mushrooms are always so juicy and delicious. Nomatter what kind of mushrooms they use. But I do have my favourites.

Sis love their beef sausages, I love their pork sausages. It always changes.

Their fritters are quite good, very fresh and healthy but I have had better to be honest.

Having come to this place for years, their omelette that takes eons to be ready was DA BOMB. not as good now and it used to be served in a pan. those were the days...

Complimentary slice was quite good.

Overall I still heart this place to death but the food standard is different from 3 years ago. I still go quite often though, because for me, there will always be a certain pull.

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Finally tried the Nasi Goreng at Beaches and told the chef SPICY! It really had a spicy kick. However, the sticky sweetness of it really detracts its authencity. It really is just more suited for the tastebuds of non-Asians. Not saying I didn't enjoy it though!

Crab Omelette with avo smash another morning may look simple but tastes great with generous crab meat fillings!

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