Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Cafe Elixir

One of those weekends I made a long drive in the morning down to Joondalup to catch up with Jodie and the girls for brunch... Is Cafe Elixir worth me driving down for? Let's find out!

Cafe Elixir is in Wanneroo and popular among locals.

The place was pretty packed and we had made reservations beforehand.

Chose to sit outside and i love how they provide blankets too!

Everyone decided to be slightly adventurous and did not order their usual of Breakfast Burrito which was apaprently very good. Jods, if you are reading this, I still owe you one!

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on potato cakes. It was very filling and personally, I felt it wasn't anything amazing. It looked great! but taste wasnt as good as it looked.

Jodie ordered the mushrooms potato cake which I must say the mushrooms were grilled perfectly. Seasoning was great on it.

Amey had the buffalo wings which was a huge bowl of saucy goodness.

Nat had the beef burger with a side of hollandaise sauce... Genius idea or what?

Mel had the chicken burger. Which i heard was okay,

and then I was greedy and ordered pancakes for the table.

I mean I drove all the way down there, when was I gonna come back for it right?

I am glad I ordered those pancakes because they were fluffy and delicious and worth going down there for. I wished they used fresh caramelised bananas instead of banana chips. I mean how difficult was it to get fresh bananas!!!! Sheesh. Other than that, amazing pancakes, average food...

Will return if I am in the area but nothing to go out of the way for! (maybe except those pancakes.)

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