Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Christmas Eve and Christmas 2013 at Crown Perth

It was the first time I wasn't going home for Christmas or New Year's so I did feel abit sad. I thought I would cheer myself up with some good food right?

Spent Christmas dinner with Chanel at Modo Mio. We didn't make any reservations so it was a very late one... so darn hungry!

A cocktail to begin at the bar while waiting.

Amazing entree of foiegras and that savoury creme brulee.

The pasta was okay, not the best but also not the kind of homecooked Italian fare either.

The risotto was the star of the evening and I thought it was a 6/10 kind of risotto.

Overall, Modo Mio used to be so much better... WHAT HAPPENED! Was it because of a busy night? Lucky I was too hungry to be picky.

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Christmas Eve was a solitary affair. So I treated myself to a nice long late lunch at Nobu with their Chirashi don. Expensive but filling.

The star of the entire dish was their fluffy Tamago. Like a cheesecake... but egg cake. I don't know how they do it but it was addictive. I could have had just that and be really happy.

Because it was Christmas season, i ordered the dessert with gingerbread in it.

I like the icecream and the flowling chocolate encased in more chocolate. What a great end to my meal!

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