Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe in Northbridge

December was definitely a big month of eating out...

I met up with another colleague and friend, Chanel for lunch in Northbridge before heading to uni. I usually try and avoid going into Northbridge but she told me it was going to be worth it.

I never really paid attention to this place even though I must have walked past it quite often. S & T Thai, you are unassuming but what a gem!

The minute I went it, I spotted alot of Thai and part of me felt I was back in Bangkok at a food court.

They even had a girl making these little pancakes to sell as snacks. Often find it as part of the Thai street food culture. The place is run by Thai girls which is awesome because it is a sign that the food is probably going to be authentic!

Coconut water and Iced Milk Tea to start.

Chanel had the rice with pork. I tried and it was good!

I of course could not steer away from Phad Thai. It is not the best Phad Thai I ever had but in Perth, this is definitely one of the best and managed to satisfy my Phad Thai cravings!!! I am so glad Chanel told me about this place so now I have tracked down a Thai place I am actually happy with.

Mango sticky rice to end the meal because what else right? Just blogging about this place makes me want to run back for more! If you want Thai food, come to this place. Never mind the fact it doesnt look as fancy as many other Thai restaurants in Perth, the food will make up for everything!

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