Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Noodle Forum in Perth City

News of good food travel fast. I heard about this place a few weeks its opened its doors back in 2013. I visited it not long after and just conveniently forgot to blog about it. So I apologise. Anyway, I brought my parents there too when they came to visit me in Perth and missed their asian noodles.

This noodles eatery is tucked away near Nao Japanese place and near CPP on Murray Street.

Thats the chef who handmakes all the noodles. He gamely took photos with me and told me all about his wonderful work. The noodles are organic and healthy I would say and traditionally made...

Yes this way. Him sitting on the big bamboo stick. It really helps I would say since the noodles are springy and delicious.

Doesn't sit many and gets very crowded during lunchtime office crowd. I try to avoid those times every time I am there.

The first time I had Mee Pok and the Curry Chicken noodles. Mee Pok was amazing and nearly as authentic as I could find back home in Singapore. Curry Chicken noodles were alright and could do with more gravy!

With my parents, we had the wanton noodle soup and laksa noodles.

Found the wanton noodle soup a bit bland.

Laksa was... 6.5/10. In my opinion, that is a good score for me because I do love my laksa and I know what I like. I would return for this.

The best was still the meepok and I hear they had cold noodles for summer. Wished I had tried that. They also have spinach noodles for the vegetarians! Overall, if you are craving for a bit of home if you are from South East Asia, or craving for Asian food, this place will satisfy all of those!

Prices may be a little more expensive but the quantity and quality will not disappoint.

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