Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mayy has a shopping regret #1

A new segment to the blog! And it is definitely one that deserve the introduction and first place too. My shopping regret #1 is Red Stilettos. RED. It is really not as easy as it sounds. There are alot of red shoes out there, especially this time of the year. But I just CANNOT seem to find one I love. I have found 2 in the past but let them pass me by due to temporary misjudgement. I plead concussion as my excuse. Either that, someone else was possessing my body and mind.

Now that one above was the ONLY red pair I had but had to be retired after me wearing them out. My search to replace them has now cross the 2 year mark. I am truly devastated. But I know the time when THAT red pair which has eluded me for so long, will be truly fabulous.

Doesn't that row of red and spiky ends draw you in? It sure did that to me, and had me searching all over Singapore for it. It's just not meant to be. BIG SIGHS. This regret has stayed with me for nearly a year now. But feels so much longer than that.

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I hate to say this, but doesn't it look just gorge and adorbs?! Argh. WHY DID I NOT BUY IT?! And when I finally did think I should (just a couple of days later), I could't find it in my size. Well done. And it's zara too, good comfortable shoes...What really happened, was because I just bought Shoestopper #5 the day before, and there was a littler black dirty mark on the only pair left in my size. It was guilt and restraint. Not at its best timing. So yeah. Here's to more years to finding a fab red pair...sighs.

Not all shades of red pull me in, not all cuts of shoes take the cake, not all kinds of material will make my cut. Hence, the search toughens. If you thought that was only one incident, there was actually another red stilettos incident more than a year ago. June/July 2009. My winter vacation to Florence, Italy. More like a university business trip but we had alot more fun than business! Prada was having their annual summer sale, in addition to closing down renovation sale. I mean major discounts! How can a girl say no?! Right right? Especially when a girl gets really really angryand upset because the Chanel bag she wanted sold out too. Yeah. Me. I was dumb enough. I plead possession of body and mind.

It was not fire engine heart stopping red this one. It was more wine, shinier leather, deeper red, all sexy and elegance. Burgundy some people call it. I call it a rich bordeaux sort of red. Mix with a little bit of purple, just this dash to make it go all dark red with passion....And it's Prada to boot. No, I said no. Because I already bought the similar stilettos in two other shades. Oops. Why do I show restraint at the worst timings?! WHY?! Yet at the best of times, this side of me disappears, leaving me to indulge and play. I am not saying those times were shoe shopping times. No photo of this one too. Makes it for a double whammy hurt.

But hey, life's like that. And I hope I find my cure eventually. Have you had any shopping regret? Share with me! Maybe it will make you feel better sharing and knowing you are not the only one.

Till my next post, Mayy xo

P.S. I just could not say till my next shopping regret. I mean who wants some more?!

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