Wednesday, January 26, 2011

M's Food Find #11

Girlfriend and I got a bit lost looking for this food place. It is our first time and I have heard pretty good reviews about it. Even from a fellow pancake-lovin' foodie friend back in Perth who visited Singapore. It was a leisurely Sunday brunch and we finally found our way to Strictly Pancakes on Prinsep Street.

Located in a tiny shophouse in a row behind the big Prinsep Place sign which you can spot from across SOTA, tcc at POM. Your best bet is to walk down from Dhoby Gaut MRT pass the new School of Arts (SOTA). Or the circle line, Bras Besah station and then walk past Coffee Bean, Kopitiam, Hotel Rendezvous, then before the traffic light to cross to SOTA which you do not cross, turn right and walk straight on!

We had to wait for abit to be able to sit inside as we did not make a reservation. So if you know that's where you want to meet up with your friends, call in advance. Otherwise you can sit out in the balmy weather and have leaves all round you. Not my thing. Hahaha. Anyway we were lucky enough to get a table on the second level. Which was well, very tiny and the tables were very close together. Not much for private conversations. I am also NOT impressed with their poor service. Maybe it is the very young service crew and lack of proper communication. Sitting upstairs, I witnessed quite a bit of fluster when it comes to orders and getting iced water and orders taken were really difficult as the staff seemed to always be downstairs. They only surface when they bring food up. My suggestion would be to station one person up there to attend to all the customers. But what do I know, they had a steady stream of customers.

Moving on to the food...Melissa ordered the American brekkie set which will only be available on weekends 10am to 12pm. Strictly Pancakes has a special menu during that time in addition to their normal menu. Nice touch. Maybe I will have to go back and try the normal menu? And the milkshake the table next to mine ordered......Hmmmmmmmm. The American brekkie set was $12 and was a generous portion for that price which also came with coffee. Order their Chilled Brew which is really good. Strong coffee yet icy to cool you off after the trek to their place! Quail's egg done sunny side up is a cute touch but not enough egg for me! Haha. 3 pancakes were plenty, quite a few people ended up with 1 extra they could not finish. I would rather having 2 pancakes and maybe have baked beans or sauteed mushrooms instead.

I ordered the Hawaiian set so I can have a proper full size sunny side up. Bacon was properly done. I like it, juicy and crispy. The grilled pineapple was something different but nothing special. This one cost $11. Couldn't finish all 3 pancakes. I washed this down with Chilled Brew. Yums, but really want to try the milkshake now...

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That's the pathetic portion of maple syrup and butter to go with your pancakes. Butter was given just enough and I like how you can choose what kind of butter there is. Four kinds: Salted, Unsalted, Rum and raisin, (i can't rmb the last one). Maple syrup is REALLY NOT ENOUGH to properly wolf down my pancakes. I think that was why I felt the pancakes were not that great. It was a little bland and dry to me.

I would go back again to give it another go for their savoury pancakes and milkshake. If I wanted pancakes and maple syrup, I would go get hotcakes from McDonald's or somewhere like Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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