Friday, January 28, 2011

Shoestopper #7

Lucky number 7? That number is a hot favourite. Not mine personally, but it's my shoe size. 7.5 is really the perfect fit. However, because alot of normal shoe stores dont stock halves, I have to take either 7 or 8 depending on the store or the shoe style.

Today, we take a break from skyscraping heels as all women eventually have to. Even Victoria Beckham, Posh herself emerge from the airport, much to global shock, in ballet flats last year. Why flats all of a sudden? Because well, I wore one of my new favourites out and the sole is thanks to the pouring rain. The water puddles ain't too kind to my shoes =(

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Bought from Novo the year before in 2010 from Perth Harbourtown for only AUD10 or AUD5 (I really cannot remember), I only busted it out a few weeks ago. Since then, I wear it almost everyday. Pairing it with just about everything, short of fbts. I like how it instantly makes a very chill outfit slightly more formal, that little bit more corporate. It also shapes and elongates my feet, making it a look slimmer. You can notice the curves of the shoes in the photo!

Sadly, the recent downpours and me inevitably stepping into even the slightest water puddles have ruined it in such a short span of time. I must start looking for a replacement... Just like how I got it to replace my old Mondo white patent pumps/flats. Novo's not as shiny and patent, it's more leather. Stiffer and holds its shape better.

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Comparing the both pairs, Mondo got more and more comfortable with each wear. Novo has the better sole here but grip wasn't that good. The thing is, they go with anything and everything and I do love them. Let me wear out more shoes before I am allowed to buy more eh? Back to wearing heels...

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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