Thursday, January 20, 2011

M's Food Find #9

Our cousins' gathering took place last Saturday and because we scored free tickets to a concert at RWS, we decided to have dinner together as well. Sam wanted to drop in at Orchard since it is his mother's birthday the next day and he needed to get a birthday gift. Having no place in mind to eat on a busy weekend evening, we tried our luck at The Handburger at 313 Somerset. Lucky for us, we managed to squeeze everyone in. I really like that cute wooden serving platter above.

As we waited for some to arrive, we ordered the Vegetable Crisps Waffle-cut which arrived with 2 dips. Pretty healthy and suitable for our vegan cousin. I find it strangely addictive. The burger menu look good too and I really wanted the kids meal. Unfortunately, I can't order it. I don't know why since they really did not put an age limit on the menu itself. Sighs, that cupcake looks good. I spied two kids having them...

This particular burger was ordered by Sam and was one of my choices. The Chicken Caesar. The chicken was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Well done, chefs. Top up $4 for fries or onions rings, or $6 for like soup, and drinks. Go with the fries. I like chunky fries!

The Battered Dory Fish burger (another one of my choices), with addition of Cheddar Cheese. Look at that melted gooey goodness. Worth that extra dollar. The generous helping of crispy fish fillets perched atop salad. This one makes for a less sinful treat. I will go for this one the next time I head down to The Handburger. After being in Aussie for this period, I can't deny I have occasional bruger cravings everytime I come back to days and days of asian food.

The vegan's choice: Stuffed Portobello. And they mean it when they say stuffed. Because the juicy mushroom was chocked full of spinach. You gotta really love vegetables for this one. Add a sunny side up to it and maybe you wouldn't tire of it so soon.

THERE! My choice of the night: Duck Confit with a sunny side up. I love my burgers to have bacon and sunny side up. So well worth the extra $$ for it. Their bacon isn't that good so I say skip that. The duck confit held its juice and flavour well. The hint of fats and skin play well with its tender meat. It is supposed to be served with mandarin oranges. I cancelled that, I can't bear the thought of having oranges even on my burger. But try it, it may make for a less guilty burger. I polished this off, cleaned my plate. So yums. You definitely got to be hungry for this one, and especially the next burger...

The WORKS. Steak, sunny side up, bacon, onion rings. I don't know how people fit this into their mouths! I like eating my burger with hands, I could do that with my duck burger. This one is near impossible. It sure looks good though. I can't eat beef, so my sister had this one. She had a good time with it. The steak was pretty juicy too.

Their buns were also fresh out of the oven since I could glimpse into the kitchen. It really was soft and fluffy. I would also recommend to request for their sauces. Garlic aoli and salsa mayo were my choices. Sure goes well with the onion rings and fries some of us added on! But don't order their pumpkin crab soup thing. Bleagh. Overall, I would go back to have the fish burger all to myself and maybe wash it all down with thier milkshake. I mean, that's the ultimate burger drink. I'm such a pig. HAHAHA.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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