Thursday, January 27, 2011

M's Food Find #13

It's a special post on some of the desserts I went out for the past few outings with cousins and friends. I can promise you there will be alot of chocolate going on ;) First up, NYDC at Holland Village with cousins after Hebe's concert at RWS.

This is Samuel and Eunice's dessert for the night. Chocolate fudge cheesecake with a chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips. I like the base of their cheesecake and being able to drench the cheesecake and ice cream scoop with chocolate. Nice work. This is so not a one-person dessert...
This is Celest and my dessert. Celest had to have her beer, and we both ordered the healthiest dessert on the table to share. Carrot cake! We both dislike the walnuts on top of the cream cheese but I liked the cinnamon sprinkling. Not the best carrot cake I had; it was pretty dry, and the stingy cream cheesing icing did not help. So choose the NYDC cheesecakes. They are better to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you want some carrot cake, just go down to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf round the corner in the village.

Starting from the bottom left hand corner, that is my sister's order of Amaretto. Now for a midnight dessert, that one was good. Not too heavy, not too sweet, not too big a helping. Just enough to sip and laugh along. Like a whiskey on the rocks for me, but non alcoholic. Upper left hand corner sits the mudpie and next to it, the cookie monster crunch. They both look similar, and taste pretty similar. Just different bases where cookie monster has the distinctive Oreo crunch. Another light enough dessert is the mango passion fruit cheesecake or something along that line. Fruity and not too sweet. The tinge of sourness perks you up. The scoop of icecream that came along with that cheesecake was really good too.
After that decadent NYDC night, I met my PW group the next afternoon at vivo for lunch. I have already blogged about the disastrous lunch we had, but here's the good bit I promised. Max Brenner Chocolateria.
Shiyu ordered the chcolate cake which was a lava surprise as well. The plating of this dessert was done very very nicely. It really makes even the boys smile and ready to dive into it. This cake was moist and the chocolatey smell really warfed invitingly around the table. You just cannot stop eating spoonful after spoonful.
The boys each ordered hot chocolate which came in this cute little Hug Mug. The hot chocolate was very very sweet. Both dark and milk versions. It left the boys sick with sweetness. I think it was a little too much and while the hug mug is really cute, it was not pratical for the Singaporean climate. I understand that to have that cup of hot cocoa in winter and wrap your cold fingers around it will be heaven. Here, it was difficult to hold on to the steaming cup and enjoy the drink properly. Skip the hot cocoa and go for a frappe I say.

After having heard so much about the Max Brenner specialty, I just had to order the Suckao. I am normally a milk or white chocolate person. But I ordered the dark version here. It was the right thing to do as it was chocolatey to the right amount without having that sweetness overkill the boys had in their hot chocolate drinks. It wasn't anything to rave about really. But the novelty of watching the chocolate drops melt and stirring in milk and sucking them all out was the draw here. One time, like most experiences, is enough.

And lastly, the dessert I had at The Connoiseur Concerto (tcc) in ION Orchard. Always though tcc stood for the coffee connoiseur, I guess they changed names or something. This desset is called the Chestnut Fairytale (or something to that effect). I also like the plating design here. Out of all the desserts listed here, I really liked this one most. The rectangular slab of chestnut cake was not heavy and not too sweet. The chestnut icecream sandwiched between the thin chocolate discs was satisfying enough after a sushi lunch. I wiped this out in minutes! And really liked the taste of the chestnuts bite after bite. Yums!

Good to always round things up nicely and finish a post on a high note. Here's to a very sweet year ahead for all of you reading! I have one of the sweetest post yet for you guys in the coming days. Just you wait. ;)

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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