Tuesday, January 25, 2011

M's Movie Choice #2: Burlesque

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Starring Cher and Christina Aguilera the 2 power voices in Hollywood, I knew this is one movie I must not miss. Even if the storyline is not the best, the music and their voices will carry the movie through. I was right.
I had to wake up early on Monday morning to meet Shiyu for this movie. But it was worth it with the tears and laughter moments. A-class performance by Stanley Tucci as usual. He is my all-time favourite actor around. Right from I first watched him in The Devil Wears Prada, he continues to wow me in each of the oter movies after that. Like Easy A where he easily stole the show. I just wish that I get to see Tucci more on screen in all these movies. (Mayy runs to go watch The Devil Wears Prada now.)
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Cher's voice was strong and deep. I would listen to her music on a nice winter night in a hot tub and wine. Her two numbers left me wanting more. Bangin' bod for someone her age! Stanley's chemistry with all his co-stars is just always good, Cher really plays along well to him too. Wished Cher has more song items in the movie. Maybe just one more would be nice. I really liked her opening the first act. It was my second favourite song and dance for the movie.

Picture credits: www.imdb.com
Ahhhhh, the star of the show. She really is. I not only just admire her on screen and on CDs, I also admire her strength in real life. It really shows in her acting in this movie, and her character was well-played. Her voice is undeniably tops. Everytime she sings, I am mesmerized. Especially the slow songs, the deep soulful powerful ones where you can feel her emotions and feel the depth of it all. I really like the photo of her above. So raw, young and youthful. So natural and pretty. She also acted the cheekiness of her character well.

This was not Kristen Bell's best acting to date, but kudos to acting the bad girl pretty well since after watching her in When in Rome and several others, I thought she was a good girl type. I love the outfits, the corsets, the sexiness, the dances and makeup. Definitely a girly movie. Wonder why 2 guy friends would meet up to watch this movie. haha...

I really liked the movie because of the tale. It tells us of life, of strength, of courage and, of believing. The songs move the audience, the slightly weaker storyline was saved by the wonderful cast and their acting and the moral it was telling us.

Till my next movie mood, Mayy xo

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