Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoestopper #5

Finally, a shoe stopping post for the new year! I can't believe I have been totally side-tracked with food. But that's Singapore for you, food comes out tops. In fact, I think I will make up for it by doing two!

First up, this pair cost me a fair amount of guilt last year when I purchased it, so much so i rejected buying a pair of red Zara ones the next day. Which resulted in a lifetime of regrets. But there's so such thing as a lifetime of regret when it comes to shoes for me! Because this pair had served me well the past two times I've worn it. I am certain it will continue to do so, lasting the entire night and looking good. What more can I ask of it?

One of the IN trends in year 2011 is animal prints, leopard in particular. I've always love it, so no matter what the trend is, I always have something with that print in my closet. A dress, a bag, a coat, but I think shoes will best make that statement for you.

By one of my favourite brands around, Aldo does their shoes well. They always look so good, and they are so comfortable. This pair in particular makes me feel like I am walking on cushion, I think the soles are probably padded. And padded properly to hold my feet. I also like the glitter shimmer when I wear it out in the night, and the understated glamour of the print. It's so NOT in your face and so avoids looking like a hooker pair. The front cut of the shoes cover my toes well and its V-shape is just something unique in its attention to detail. I also really like how it makes my feet look smaller and daintier when I wear it. There's a tip ;)

All I can say is how much I love this pair and Aldo's attention to details, down to their packaging! Shoe box shopping bag chic. Here's a CNY fun fact: one is not allowed to buy shoes for the 15 days. At least my bank account is safe for that period of time!

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Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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