Monday, July 4, 2011

M's Food Find #57

I had a Harry Potter marathon weekend with the girls at their new place over the weekend. Suffice to say I ate my weight in potatoes, brownies, strudels and chocolates. And we are still not done. I suspect its the cold weather. Oh boy, alot of weightloss to do when summer rolls round! Better figure out a way to balance it all out. Because I haven't been gymming either. Pfffffft.

Alright, back to topic. This is probably nothing new to Perthites nor students studying around here. But there are a new batch coming in already and for those still NOT in the know, this blog post is a tribute to a cute quirky funky little cafe down in the chic suburb of Leederville.

Yes, no prizes for guessing that I am referring to Green's & Co. where they serve a HUGE range of cakes and amazing coffee.... I quote my friend Aik Leng here: "a slice of heaven, a life of sin"

That's their berry apple crumble which was pretty good with a nice crunch from the apples and buttery crumble. Not the best I have had but goes well with a good mocha.

I secretly have a mission for this cafe. To try every one of their cakes... So far, here's what I have tried.

Chocolate halva is something I would recommend you NOT to have. Unless you like watery half-baked cakes. Because that's what it is. The thought of it, the recollection is enough to make me want to yak.

Amazing coffee, their cappucino and latte are so fragrant. But the chai latte is abit too sweet for me even.

That's the chocolate orange tart which is good I suppose. You can certainly taste both flavours and I conclude a good end to a dinner. Definitely one for the jaffa lovers.

On a prior visit, I had the honeycomb brulee. It was very sweet and had a egg custardy filling. Not entirely awesome, rather just have honeycomb on its own...

Chocolate fudge cake, similar to the ones they have in San Churro's. As well as their hazelnut chocolate triangle cake. Good chocolatey cakes are never wrong choices but the cream is a wee bit too thick. Go for the traingle cake if you are not a cream fan.

I ordered this peanut caramel meringue cake on my last visit. A thick wedge of cream there is quite sickening but the nutty base and the nutella-ish topping are both super yummy. Just wished they had better proportions of the different parts.

I also tried the Chocolate Marshmellow cake on my very first visit to this place. This is my TOP choice out of everything (without a dot) so far. I loved the chewy sweet gooey marshmellow filling mixed with the moist chocolate cake. Yumyumyum. Can't wait till I finish all the other flavours and finally can go back to ordering that... Yes, when I make up my mind about something, I generally want to complete it.

yes generally coffee and cake but they have yummy teas too.

Choco berry pavlova was a good choice for those who love sweet sticky treats. I had the banana pavlova on a prior visit as well. As I am extremely partial to bananas, I would choose that over the choc berry one. However, I must acknowledge it is not for everyone and quite filling. Stick to choc berry for those who want a good end to their dinner and not a big fan of bananas.

You can borrow the various connect 4 sets to play with. Bring your own games if you wish. Play pool or pac man on their vintage machines.

Deep in thought during our mini Connect 4 competition!

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The place is lighted up with paper laterns all over the ceilings and walls plastered with every kind of concert posters with the odd television screens protruding out. It is just filled with quirky things and happy chatters from the patrons. It can get quite crowded and the sofas get filled very quickly. Couples hang out, friends laugh together, families sit together.

Look out for updates on this particular post because I will be going back to complete my cake missions!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Greens & Co on Urbanspoon

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