Sunday, July 10, 2011

M's Food Find #61

Another VERY backlogged post. Lunch ages ago (about two weeks back at least). We had a mini road trip before we arrived at this one. Steven brought us to a dodgy (looking) hawaiian/jap place which we all veto-ed. Wanted to go to another Jap place but it was closed. So we headed to where this was located in Melville, across Subaru and Honda and next to Utopia.

Wanted to head to another restaurant but gave this a try. Guess everyone really wanted Japanese!

Nishi used to have bad reviews but apparently change of management. It was pretty empty but a handful of customers. Granted we were there a wee bit later compared to normal lunch times.

Ranboll? Rainbow?

I took photos with my phone so I can't seem to upload properly rotated ones... Anyway, they have a lunch menu so this was one of the sets. Chicken karaage. Looks abit dark the frying, maybe not fresh oil?

Beef bulgolgi set. Personally, I FROWN UPON Japanese places which also serve Korean dishes. It just seems to tell me it is not authentically Japanese. Points lost already for me here.

Salmon sushi roll was properly done and proportioned so B for effort. The colour of the sashimi looked proper too. Taking it up to a B+ or A- even. But bulgolgi kicked it down to B+.

Agedashi tofu and teriyaki beef set. Nothing fancy but I guess value for money!

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And lastly my order of chirashi set. Nearly my standard order at any new Jap place I go to here. My constant quest to find good sashimi and best way to find out is through chirashi. I would say not the worst chirashi Ive had here in Perth but also nothing to crow about. The salmon pieces were abit too thin and the crab pieces with that mayo bit is just not chirashi like. I love sushi rice always so thats a salvaging point.

Overall, I felt this place serve up sub-par food for higher than average prices. During the time I was there, there was only ONE waitress doing everything from taking orders to cashier to delivering food. Oh boy, let's just say thank goodness no major disaster happened. Would I go back? Highly doubt it.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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