Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mayy's Closet #63

Been staring down my clothes for sale page on fb so much so that I haven't been blogging about clothes. Alittle guilty that I neglect this but seriously, my mental wellbeing isn't at its peak. ANYWAY, the body's and brain's refusal to do any form of work for these couple of days have brought me to recover my backlog posts.

This outfit today focuses on the skirt I got from Supre and paired with two simple tops. A short summer skirt but perfect for brightening wintery blues.

I got this pink and white tartan/checkered like skirt from Supre last year and only got round to wearing them this year in June. I have had a soft spot of tartan and am still looking for the perfect red/blue checkered shirt. The skirt is of a thick sort of rough material that you can feel the different lines weaving through the pattern. Now, dont be silly. I know it is short, but I wore stockings and boots for winter.

Paired with my dark denimblue ruffled shouldered long sleeve top from Cotton On Body, it is sort of a more relaxed fit given how the top is meant for sleeping. But hey! Just like how Peter Alexander thinks, no one said we can't go out in peejays. Especially cute ones.

Love the colour so much, has that painted feel to it.

And of course, a basic classic black turtleneck NEVER goes wrong with knee high suede black boots.

Here's a close up of the skirt, isn't it pretty?! It wasn't like a bargain on my part but I just wanted it!

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So what do you think of the skirt and the outfits? Yay or nay? Perfect for a dinner date or an afternoon lunch date with the girls?

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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