Sunday, July 10, 2011

M's Food Find #60

Continuing with our Freo snack attacks, this was one of Anna's and my pitstop after nachos. Crepes at the French stall within the markets itself. Always long queues and crowds, similar to apparently the best Ramen stall in Perth (though I haven't tried).

Lots of choices: both savoury and sweet! You can even customise your own crepes. Love that option ;)

Open concept kitchen with a chef and her lightning fast hands. Super pro!

Nutella's gotta be popular, look at the many gigantic tubs!

I did say lightning fast didnt I? You also have a choice of eating in or taking away. It is better to eat in if you are going for a nice savoury one. Reminds me of roti prata/murtabak, a popular indian pancake.

All the wonderful smells wafting through...

Anna ordered the nutella and ice cream one, super sinful and good.

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It looks very limp here because its only lemon sugar and cinnamon. I love the cinnamon bits but the lemon is WAYYY too sour for me. But I love the fresh hot/warm crepe. So soft and fluffy in its own way. Definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to go back for it and try some other flavours again.

Tell me which is YOUR favourite one? Do you customise your own?

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Michele's Crepe Suzette on Urbanspoon

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