Monday, July 4, 2011

Mayy loves Cupcakes!

Let the photos do the talking... but I took them with my phone so I don't know why they didn't reflect the change in directions. Hope you can see them still!

Cute cupcakes printed shorts from Cotton on Body, I didn't buy it. Managed to reason it out.

A chocolate mint cupcake for Jeremy's birthday this friday. Yes it is early but well. He said it was yummy and good. Coming from a guy, it is saying alot no? I bought it from Fremantle Markets for AUD2.50. Since it was closing time soon and not alot of choices left. Initially it was AUD 3.50 for one or AUD10 for a box of 4.

Here we go for topsy turvy photos... I took these photos before they all sold out since I was going to go have lunch first before coming back.

Not exactly cupcakes but the stall also sells cute decorated cookies.

When I took this photo early on, this cupcake was the only one left of its flavour. Wow, must be saying something no?

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Don't they all look amazing?! ARGH. I want to head back and buy them all. Will update you when I do so. Hehehehe.

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