Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mayy loves Durians!

Such an Asian fruit. The KING of fruits. The KING of KINGS. They can be used in so many different types of food. And on its own, amazing. I was contemplating as to how I can title this post, either Completely Random or that. I chose Mayy loves Durians because the love affair will never cease and if I ever have anything Durian or Durian-flavoured, it can come under this eh? Look at that yellow creamy flesh. So packed full of flavour. Bitter and sweet. It sure fills you up fast though.

Photos credits: The green thorns and smell may put you off, but it sure gets me excited all the time. I love the process of going down to choose the durians to tasting to getting my fingers deep in yellow cream to bringing it home and have the dog follow me to the ends of Earth when she knows I have durian. She is as big a fan as I am. My favourite is currently Mao Shan Wang and they don't come cheap. One such good durian can easily cost up to SGD40. I remembered when I was younger, I liked the sweet kind. Now all I ask for is the bitter and thick creamy ones...

Haven't had the durian craving for awhile now. But I remembered wanting durian every single month for the past couple of years when I first came to Perth. Felt like I was a pregnant lady craving for something. Worse still when I had a bad one and the craving became worse. Oops.

What is your relationship with durians? Love it? or Hate it?

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