Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayy's Closet #12

Hello, it is Monday! Are you part of the majority suffering from Monday blues every week? Well, I am usually looking forward to having something to do and going back to uni...though, it is abit much this semester. Anyhow, something to lift my spirits during my stats class right now...blogging. Photo credits:
It is going to 33/34 degrees today but this morning when I went out of the house, the wind was blowing hard and cold. Brrrrrrrrrr. Sure do wish it remained like that through the day and I would have to do a wardrobe switch soon! All the coats and leggings and boots. Fun.

BACK to the photo, yet another pair of denim shorts which I got very long ago and I vaguely recall that I MIGHT have gotten it from FOS in Malaysia? It is comfortable though and of a thinner denim material than the Dotti one. It is back in Singapore now and I take it along to me for holidays on cruise or to Bangkok. I really bought it more for the fact that it could fit me and not restrict my thighs. It was a comfort buy!

The top is something a little more different. It is from Roxy girls, so yeah the kids/teens section again. I really like the shade of green and how the white pops against it. The hem of the top is also something different and I liked the crisscross detail on the back of it. I can't post a photo of the back details up because I've lost it and also given this top away so I can't take another one. I paired it with a cropped white cardigan even though it was such a hot January back then. Somehow I could take the heat then. Weird. I've had this top for ages and only really worn it 3/4 times. It looked brand new still when I decided to give it up.

The straw trilby hat is from Billabong, City Beach in Harbourtown. My cousin Celest bought it for me when she was here during a work trip and we went out shopping. I remember wearing it on the day I took this photo and the hat blew off the top of my head when I was walking in uni. Oops and slightly embarassing. Funny though!

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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