Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoestopper #24

Hello there. How was your weekend? I hope your Monday blues had also come and pass you by, even better if you didn't catch any of it! I realized I havent done any shoe-stopping post in awhile so here's one for the day! That's my controversial Aldo wedges I got nearly a year ago in Singapore, ION Orchard. Can't believe it has been that long! I bought her for about SGD65 during the sales period. I thought it was a real snag! We all know how comfortable Aldo shoes are and that price is just a bargain for it. Why controversial, you may ask? Well, my mother hates it. But some of my friends, me included love it. Mum thinks it's the ugliest thing I can buy at SGD65 apparently. HAHA. For me, I like the metallic colour as it is really quite easy to match it with. With pants, short dresses in summer, maxi dresses in autumn, maxi skirts for a daytime jaunt.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

Sure, the dark wood wedges may be a little hard to swallow at first. BUT, when you find out after a day of shopping on the first time you wear it, or spent 12 hours in uni with it, and YOU DONT GET NO BLISTERS, you fall in love with it over and over again. The wedges are unbelievably solid and stable. I must say they are not the lightest one around but I don't mind. The soles are also wonderfully comfortable with the slightest cushion to make you feel like you are NOT feeling those hard wood the wedges are made of.

I get this sense of invincibility whenever I put them on. Who does not love an extra boost of confidence on any day at all? So tell me, do you LOVE it or HATE it?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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