Friday, March 25, 2011

Mayy's Closet #14

It is Friday, sings Rebecca Black. Oh my god, she is annoying but apparently my facebook notifications are full of friends doing the gotta gotta thing on their statuses, photo albums...even tweeting. Gosh. So my point is, how's your friday going? As you can tell, I am having a night in with my laptop. I have had a most unproductive day but spent it well on the social side of things. Here's a closet post, no not on what I wore today but well yeah. Just felt like it and coz I gotta coz it's Friday, Friday, Friday. HAH.

Photo credits:
I bought this yellow dress from Best & Less kids section as I felt it was really reflective of spring and I wore it out to watch the Red Bull Air Race in the city one weekend with Anna a couple of years back. Paired it with leggings coz well, it was still abit chilly and the dress is a bit sheer. Looking back at it now, I do like the frills and the dress quite abit but unfortunately I have passed it on to someone else. Only ever wore it that one time. I guess I was being insecure about how fat I looked in it. I liked it hanging on the hanger but it just never translated to whenever I put it on. So I thought let's not waste a perfectly pretty dress.

Oh wells, lucky I have this photo to remember it by. Do you have any outfits that remind you of one specific occasion? I do, I have quite a few since some of them I only wore once so far and the times I wear them are always memorable in one way or the other...

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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