Friday, March 25, 2011

Mayy's Closet #15

I had been tottering around in wedges for the past couple of weeks and the choices of outfits were mainly more of the casual pants style. Although the weather had been insanely hot, the pants still did not cause me much perspiration thankfully. I can't be wearing my halters and dresses for my classes all the time, and especially not for my tutoring ones.

So here we go, the post features my Zara beige pants/jeans. It is smart casual, I guess. Jeans without coming across as casual. I think it is really because of the colour and the material.

For a casual look in summer, I always cuffed them to about 3/4 and pair with a black/grey top. Quite standard. But somehow, I still really like it. This black Roxy top has been with me for really quite a long time (6 years?) and I don't think I have worn it more than 10 times. Always in pristine condition, and I like the gold print on it.

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This one is paired with another Zara item, the puffed sleeve top which is the first one I bought of the style. Leopard print-ish? What do you think? When I went shopping once with Annaand she met me when I was in the changing room already, I came out and showed her the top I was trying on. She went, I like the top but not the pants. Well babe, the pants are mine! Haha. I bought the pants because I wanted something practical and comfortable and not too casual when I started my internship. Depending on how you dressed it, it can look very formal. So there we go, a pair of practicality hangs in my wardrobe of many unpracticalities.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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