Friday, March 25, 2011

Prints Four

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I just received a letter from one of my girlfriends, Marsha in Melbourne. She enclosed a very early birthday gift for me, a pair of white stilettos earrings. I love it, it's so gorgeous. But being not a fan of ribbons, I removed that bits off. So anyway, it reminded me of this teeshirt from the brand Terranova. I found it in Cebu, Philippines and I was just ecstatic. The brand, I mean. Because I remembered when I was younger, Terranova was actually in Singapore too then they had a closing down sale. Gosh, I was so upset. I love this brand. Please, if anyone from the brand is reading this, hear my plea. Singapore missed you! Rethink your global strategy! Haha.

Anyway, back to the teeshirt, I liked the caption, so clever. I even tried it on, but I could not bring myself to like those ribbons. Wayy too cutesy for me. So I didn't buy it. I did buy another one...but we will blog about it soon. So ribbons on teeshirts yay or nay for you?

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