Friday, August 16, 2013

a weekend off doing things alone

I had a difficult time adjusting back to my Perth life after having had 3 trips (2 with sis and 1 with Jo) in the space of two months.

While I do know a few people here over the years, those who grew up in Perth have their own family and friends and of course some people have left after their mostly I find myself doing my own thing. There really hasn't been anyone so far whom I seemed to be able to trust explicitly to never let me down.

Anyway, I started a weekend to solidly remind myself that I really am in this alone and not even some people who call themselves friends can be trusted to keep promises.

Went out for a nice whiskey cocktail at the new champagne lounge in Crown and speaking with the bartenders.

And while I was already there, I decided to continue to pamper myself a little.

Took myself to Nobu for sushi at the counter.

Their House Roll which is actually quite good and properly done.

Enjoyed having the view of sushi chefs doing their own thing.

I did start off the night with one of their daily special entree. 
Taro croquette done 3 ways.

And I slowly savoured this.

It was a nice way to make myself feel better.

And then I took out another craving on the list by going down to nearby Nando's on a Saturday evening.
Instead of choosing between chips or salad, I went with both.

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