Tuesday, August 6, 2013

mayyn meal - Coode Street Cafe

Enough with Sydney eats, its time to come back to Perth and our own finds. This time I brought my sister out for breakfast at Coode Street Cafe not too far away in Mt Lawley.


As usual, another gem nestled in the midst of suburbia.


It is a very big space that I imagine to be very filled up come weekends. And it will be lovely to sit out in spring or summer... However, that morning was a bit cold so we settled inside.

really feel like trying everything in the cake displays.

Long Black and skinny latte. The coffees were really really good. Amazing. The aroma and taste are worth coming back for, I say.

Now, food. Corn fritters and me during breakfast are a long time couple. I do occasionally cheat though especially when they are not on the menu at other places hahaha! Anyway these ones were abit doughy but I liked the salsa-ish topping better.


Sis had the berry pancakes and that was actually quite good. She really liked it and the almond biscotti touch was ingenious. If she could, she would have gone back for it again.

A side of beans to share which is worth ordering and waiting for.

The wait for our food was abit longer than I expected given the place was not packed. Maybe because they had less people on hand given it is a weekday. I sure hope weekend service is wayy better!

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