Tuesday, August 13, 2013

homecooking with Sis

I cook once a year, well use the stove-top I mean...

This year, I made pasta for sis while she was in town and we managed to score last minute tickets to P!nk concert that evening! Wooohooooooooooo!!!

Thought we won't rush going out but alas, I underestimated the cooking and cleaning time. Anyway! I did it and cooked too much again...

Assorted mushrooms, long beans, garlic, white wine and chilli padi with gluten free angel hair pasta

Us at her Pinkness' concert, all decked out in BlackMilk!

Then on the afternoon she left, I made her lunch. 
Simple mixed salad with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes and prosciutto
Almond croissant from Subiaco Markets and Apple Elderflower juice

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