Tuesday, August 13, 2013

mayyn meal - Stimulatte

I have been dying to try this place for ages! nearly a year as I used to work nearby it but never made it early enough during the weekdays as they are not open weekends which I really think they should.

Located on the bumpy strip of Subiaco, Stimulatte is a small unassuming cafe.

However, the goodies instore are amazing! So are the coffee, and there is a constant stream of people coming in for taekaway coffees. Sure wished Subiaco aint so busy during the mornings and parking was a bit easier for the cafe.

Really doesnt sit alot of people inside or out but it is so worth going down.

Wished I had the stomach space for the muffins!!! argh.

This was bags of flavour and the melted cheese made it all better. Yums!

As usual, if I can't decide I go for the big veggo breakfast with my favourite avocado and poached eggs and grilled haloumi. The mushroom was good too. It was all so good and fresh and pretty much sums up my perfect breakfast...

complete only with a side of house beans which was so good! 
the beans were not mushy, not hard, incredibly just right!

Fantastic breakfast and worth travelling down there and battling traffic for. Definitely going back soon if I can help it!

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