Tuesday, August 6, 2013

mayyn meal - Durty Nelly's

And shortly after my sister left and I felt abit sad, my bestfriend Jol made her first trip ever to Perth to visit me. I was so excited to have her here and to spend some good quality time with her :)

had a mini but fail pub crawl night with Jodie and the girls as well when Jol was here.

Started the night at CBD bar where Jodie had some samosas which looked like curry puffs. I didnt have any but they looked quite pretty on the plate.

It was a Sunday and public holiday the next day over here in Perth and sadly, everywhere was closed in the city bars-wise! It was such a trek walking everywhere and stuff being closed. We ended up just sitting down at Durty Nelly's on Shafto Lane for dinner and called it an early night after.

Shared turkish bread and dips. Its not too bad but I somehow feel it wasnt that fresh, dips wise and bread.

Nat had the chicken sandwich because so many things were sold out in the kitchen. Not that we were there that late even. Wonder why. And it was so packed that ordering at the bar was such a tiring affair.

Jodie had the prawns and chicken dish which sounded all quite good and unfortunately looked very haphazard in the presentation.

Jol and I shared the pork belly and scallops because well, we had been eating so much since the morning. 

it isn't too bad for pub food and nothing too fancy really. The fats were melt-in-your-mouth and the meat quite tender.

Just standard pub fare and quite expensive for one to dine out as usual in Perth...

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