Wednesday, August 7, 2013

mayyn meal - Hobart Deli

Always happy for an excuse or company to suss out new brunch places! Decided to be abit adventurous with the bff in town and headed down to Hobart Deli on weekday morning.

Parking is not too difficult and yet another lovely cafe nestled in suburbia. Truly the essence of Perth thus far.

Family friendly and across from the kids park.

Making sure you don't miss them!

Not as spacious as Coode Street but still ample space to cater a nice weekend crowd including outside seats for amazing weather days.

I like the decor on this, reminds me of The Block and their creativity.

Open-concept kitchen is anot that pretty but has a charm about its own.

Loving this mural outside so much!

I ordered the veggo brekkie with a side of beetroot pesto.

It was huge of course but healthy. It is nothing difficult to do but amazing in the morning for all that freshness. Love the little patty but wished it wasnt so burnt. The beetroot pesto is amazing! So worth ordering. it is refreshing and light and so healthy!

Bestie ordered the bacon and egg wrap which was tight and flavourful. Wraps should always be tight and packed to the fullest!

Love the chutney as accompaniment. More places need to offer 'sauces' to bring out flavours!

Overall, I will return for a quiet catchup with fresh produce

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