Friday, August 16, 2013

mayyn meal - Fremantle Kailis versus Cicerello's

Ahhhh, one of the Freo debates we have. Where would you choose to take friends or family new to Perth for fish and chips at this famous fishing boat harbour?

Cicerello's or Kaili's Brothers? I shall try and help solve that.

The Cicerello's fish and chips with squid rings

When I first arrived, I was told this was the better place but I ended up spending my years with Kaili's Brothers. I did try here about 4 times but each time I find myself not being wow-ed explicitly at the standard of the fish and chips they put up and even the squid rings.

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Very few photos of Kaili's on this post but the choice here is greater than that available at Cicerello's and the produce and seafood are actually I think significantly fresher here at Kaili's too.

The squid ring is absolute perfection each time. The grilled section offers up amazing options and the fish and chips even taste lighter and fresher. 

I clearly love my salt and vinegar combo, a very Aussie thing. What a great taste.

The debate is clear I say...Kaili's a much better choice.

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