Tuesday, August 6, 2013

dinner one cold night...

It was a catchup with X as I haven't seen her in awhile then...decided to stop by Jamie's Italian again for dinner as we were very very early...and hungry.

rabbit tagiolini which was still quite salty :(

roasted pumpkin and beetroot, was well simple and I could have done that.

the very very bland slaw that I sure wasnt a fan of.

And after all that we wont filled at all so we decided to pig out a little...drove down to Leederville and had ourselves a dessert pizza to share.

Presenting to you the Sticky Fingers pizza
 sticky date pudding topped with icecream and dates and gooey sauce.

It was a cold  night, that is my defence. And man that was really good and I was so bloated at the end. Just blogging about it now makes me wanna go have it... oh no.

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