Wednesday, August 7, 2013

mayyn meal - Sparrow's Nest

This is where I started off the week with my bestie's arrival. She hasn't yet arrived and already I am having a headstart. Needed a place to wait and keep awake for her arrival so found this little gem in Victoria Park quite accidentally.

It opens till very very late and is great for the night dwellers. It is very small and blink you may miss it right on the corner.

I like that they offer suspended coffees. Its a relatively new idea that has had quite abit of influence all over the world now. I really support this fuss-free quirky place.

Love the vibe and table!

Ordered the french toast to share and hot chocolate as well. Wished I could have had some coffee but it was wayyyyyyy too late and I do need to sleep later on.

What a big cup and very frothy and yummy. Perfect.

It is simple and really generous in the portions. Good for two.

Definitely keen to return soon! Not a very big space but a good idea to have late night catch-ups and indulgence.

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