Tuesday, August 13, 2013

mayyn meal - Miss Kitty's Saloon

I wanted to blog about this place properly so after having gone for the first time for dinner with Jodie, I went again with my sister when she was back in town for breakfast.

It is very dark on the streets of Mt Lawley and dim on a corner, so if you are going for dinner, make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Tried to capture the bar in darkness but it clearly didn't work very well.

We had made reservations and it was good we did because the place was actually quite crowded!

open concept kitchen...

cute denim-clad seats

jamie's italian-esque?

deep fried pickles for Jodie who loves it.

pancake for one and it was spicy. but I quite liked it!

ribs to share and it was such a big portion, we totally underestimated ourselves!

deep fried chicken was so good with the gravy and mash. In fact, I think we both liked the gravy and mash so much more!

Putine fries were not our thing, it tasted and smelt like feet. we just ended up leaving most of it untouched.

even though we were so damn full from all the above, we managed to have dessert which was a pathetically small tart. Good because we were full, but not so when you serve it up to the table. couldn't taste much.

I really did not quite enjoy my dinner there as much as I would have liked. 
Food was mediocre and prices were steep.

However, I love brunch and I wanted to give them another go.

We were their first customers as we were very early that morning since we had errands to run before sis left Perth later that afternoon.

A bit more proper decor photo.

Coffees served with a side of fresh oranges. I loved it. Yums!

Food did take awhile though...


In a bid to be healthy we ordered an organic donut with poached fruits. I really like it! But probably ordering it once was enough to try!

Sis ordered banana burnt butter pancakes and they were absolutely delicious.
The little burnt butter bits were heavenly!

Stone-baked mushroom tart for me, but really because it was I know she liked mushrooms. Nevertheless, it was one of the best mushrooms I have had. Fresh and juicy despite being small mushrooms. A sweet tang from balsamic vinegar if I am not wrong and goes ell with the poached egg and hollandaise sauce!

There we have it, redemption for dinner.

even the restroom was decked out in western style!

Cute bar ;)

Service was good and friendly both times. Food wise, I rather take a trip down there for brunch and will return for it!

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