Friday, August 16, 2013

mayyn meal - Gordon Street Garage

Ahhhhhh one of the must-go places these days here in Perth. Gordon Street Garage has cleverly taken over the food scene here by transforming an old auto-garage space into this lovely cafe.

Just right across from Harbourtown and what a lovely surprise in such an unassuming place

It was packed that weekend morning we rocked up and took us awhile to get a table for food. We made it just in time for breakfast with the wait.

The industrial spaciousness does remind me of Sydney or Melbourne style cafes and I am glad we are finally having some of these around since Perth does have the space for it.

We were seated upstairs and it sure looks wonderfully cosy with this fit-out.

Look at all that people!

While our seats were comfy, it was a bit more difficult to actually eat but won't complain because it was such a looooong wait and we were so hungry!

finally our coffees came and it was quite good.

I had the big veggo brekkie and I loved the flavoured feta and fresh avocado with the corn salsa.
Simple and fresh.

Jo had the big breakfast with the mushrooms and sausage and bacon. It was huge and the poor girl was shocked at the size. She loved it though and it certainly set us up for the day ahead!

Wished I had space for these but we left after our breakfast to do some shopping...

I returned not long after with my sister for dinner one weekday night.

Ordered the pork belly as I am wont to do. Right amount of fats and meat and the crispy skin.

I just had to have the chips and it was abit soggy though...

A simple and yummy Mediterranean veg salad balanced out our meal. 

Sure didnt look alot but filled us right out...However, I was determined to have dessert.

The opera cake was not overly sweet and the tart-ness cuts through the sweet chocolate perfectly.

Service-wise, my brunch experience was alot more pleasant and the dinner service was just very poor. I definitely would recommend it for brunch but not so impressed with the dinner.

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