Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mayy's Closet

For all those on my instagram, you would have noticed my insane obsession with Black Milk Clothing since May 2013. The amount of money I have spent since then and the nylon collection of leggings and dresses I now have can rival even some of the older fans of the page.

But it is just not any other brand, BM has brought me into a whole new world. A sharkie world filled with wonderful ladies and all so supportive of each other's lifes and bodies.

I have met several Perth sharkies and am glad to make friends with a few of them. Kelsey is definitely someone wonderful to get to know. Bree and I share quite abit in common, and girls like Bonnie, Emily, Jaimie, Perri, India and Anna are all gorgeous in their own way and so fabulous! Positive life and helpful.

And not just Perth, sharkies all over the world, some US chicks are awesome, I speak to a few in Canberra and Sydney regularly on facebook...I would say despite some shit stuff I have been through this year, I suppose sharkies came into my life for a reason and at the right time for which I must thank the heavens at work. It is a blessing to get to know you girlies.

This post features me in Beetlejuice leggings which I have since sold because I got abit carried away with my buying and needed to cull some...

Only tried on for these photos and they do lengthen the legs well. I just don't see me wearing them often.

Oh and sometimes in sharkie packages, I receive stickers or notes or cards or even packs of sweets and snacks! I pass along some of the sharkie love though ;)

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  1. oh dear, what kind of shits, dear? hope u r okay. love ur blog, btw