Monday, August 5, 2013

mayyn meal - Hurricane's Grill and Baroque (Sydney)

Our second night in Sydney, we had reservations made at the famous ribs place, Hurricane's Grill.

The massive crowd and queue for this place is insane. Woah, its like how everyone came here after shopping or before a big night out. I am so thankful we had reservations.

Because we were so full, we ordered a full slab to share amongst the three of us. It was huge and generous-sized. The ribs were quite meaty. Flavour-wise, I kinda preferred Tony Roma's.

And apparently garlic mushrooms were unmissable. I love the strong garlic marination and couldn't stop souping it up afterwards.

Us being abit greedy. Overall, service was quite good despite the fullhouse. The food was not too bad but nothing I would be queuing that for though. 

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Well we visited Baroque after lunch that day and took away macarons for the night. Wished I could have had some cakes from them...

Macarons for the night as dessert. I found the macarons well, normal. They are not the best I have had, they are not the worst but they are certainly nothing to leave a deep impression on me for. Flavours were there and glad they are not overly sweet. Abit too expensive for average macarons...

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