Friday, August 16, 2013

mayyn meal - Lemon Lane

It was one of those Monday rituals last semester and we discovered this cute little laneway cafe in the heart of Claremont... I think I was looking for another Lemon cafe but ended up finding this one instead!

Quirky graffiti and tiles drew me in...

We ended up sitting outside since the weather really wasn't that bad.

It was nice to see dogs running around too and just chill for abit.

Coffee is strong and I find it properly done. We were alittle later than breakfast time so we ended up having lunch even though they did have some brekkie options on the lunch menu

This is the mushroom salad which was beautiful together but not too filling for a growing boy I think.

I obviously made the brekkie and better choice with my panini.

Gorgeous sunny side up and maple glazed bacon and pesto panini.

It was filling, simple and tasty.

Wouldn't mind going back again soon! especially for breakfast!

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