Monday, August 5, 2013

mayyn meal - Pork Rolls/Banh Mi (Sydney)

I have always wondered what is the fascination of the East-siders has with Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Rolls). So when I was in Sydney, I knew I had to have one of them because it isn't as common here in Perth. But given how I was always stuffed from all my cakes and breakfast, I didn't get round to trying a couple of stores I walked past in the city.

Eventually, I did get one for my brunch. I love how I can eat and go at the same time. This one doesn't seemed to have a signboard or name but only a stallfront promoting their delicious buns.

How convenient, right in front of the bus stop.

OMG. I was floored by the prices. I don't understand why things in Perth are so bloody expensive.
These are such good prices for a meal that really fills you up!

Look at the choices. I wanted everything but only got additional meat for my roll.

lol, wayyyy greeedy!

I absolutely love the crunchy fresh baguette roll that crumbles so beautifully.

While the meat remains abit of a mystery even though it is very flavoursome, the vegetables/salad is so fresh and perfectly balanced with the meat and roll.

I understand the obsession. It was like love at first bite. I could have them every day!

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