Tuesday, August 6, 2013

mayyn meal - Hippo's Creek Subiaco

Just another quick Sunday dinner night with X who just got the entertainment book.

Decided to use one of the vouchers at Hippo Creek in Subiaco.

Waited because we were early for the opening hours. Decided to just order a share plate and garlic bread.

But the waitress didn't tell us the share plate had bread included! We had wayy too much carbo for the night. But the bread was actually really quite good. If bread could be creamy, this one is. The other meat dishes were nothing quite fancy and in fact, quite sub-par...

Ordered the side of polenta chips which was a bit thick and doesnt hold up too well for a nice finger snack, abit too big. Flavours are quite alright though. Their sauces are quite watery which really isn't my thing...

Will I return? Doubt it.

But perhaps an interesting place to bring the boys or out-of-towners to try various kinds of meats.

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