Sunday, February 27, 2011

M's Food Find #25

The 25th food find! I thought I would do something very special and close to my heart. And I am not kidding when I say I head there nearly every other week when I am in Singapore, especially when I am in town with Mummy. It's our number one place to go to.

Not a fancy place but the food more than makes up for anything. I have been eating here since I was a little kid and I remember how it used to be at and how it has grown. In a very unglam mall of Orchard Road, on Level 6 of Lucky Plaza, in between Paragon and Tangs, there is a yong tau foo stall rightly named My Favourite Cafe.

The queue at lunch time is pretty crazy and long! It can snake right down the corridors and people are just waiting patiently. I can be one of them. However, the times you can head down with a higher possiblity of short queues are before 12.30pm and after 2.30pm. In between, there is the working crowd so whoo, don't go when you have a rumbling tummy. In fact, if you get there and feel like giving up, there is always the ayam penget stall across from it. Can get pretty long queue too that so ahhhh...and the seats are limited at this stall. In fact, the yong tau foo used to be there before it got too popular and moved to bigger premises.

Here we go, the spread of the yong tau foo stall. It may not seem much and may get abit dizzying to have to choose when you get there. But once I tell you what to order, I'm sure you will be alright and satisfied. Ahhh the sight of the purple bowls and the smell always make me so very happy. Even when I am down and sad about something or especially having to come back to Singapore.

What to order?! See the fried meatballs at the bottom left hand side of the photo above. Yeah THAT. The mushrooms in front of it is also good, they are so juicy and flavourful. And I don't like mushrooms. Those are top 2 items. And there are the usual items for me: ladyfinger, bittergourd, fried taukee (beancurd skin), maybe an egg tofu, the small quail eggs (but I no longer eat it because of religion), the seafood roll which has quite a few kinds so take your pick here.

Now, the noodles and vegetables and sauce parts. Noodles: Go for the kway teow for something nua-er or softer and healthier. Go for meepok for something chewy and filling. It is a very big bowl of noodles so I ask for LESS. You can ask for kangkong or bean sprouts. I go for bean sprouts because I like the crunch and how the sauces play well with it. Sauces: The chilli can get quite hot so yeap, you can ask for the sweet sauce and if you really want some chilli, just get a separate dish for it. I go for the dry version of yong tau foo because soup is just boring. However, their soup is really good and sweet. Yums. Not bland at all.

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So there is my bowl! That will cost you around or slightly over $5. Which is a small price to pay for the goodness. Yeah, that's my last bowl before I came back here this time. Hence, the 3 meatballs. Hahaha.

I am NOT kidding. Go NOW. Maybe not today sunday but yeah. GO. No regrets. EVER. Even if you don't eat yong tau foo usually. Also, queue for food first. Don't worry about getting a seat because they will get you seats after. No comfort seating here. Its all about the food.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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