Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitchen Venture #5: Cold Soba part 2

For today, 2 versions before I stop posting about it for now. And I will do more tomorrow or on Monday. I can't give away everything at one go. It will be no fun right? ;)

Both of them are very very simple and really do not need further cooking. It is sort of like a noodle salad. You can serve it as an entree at dinner parties but for me, I eat them for dinner or lunch. Just vary the portions, decorate them. If entrees, you can serve them in chinese spoons portions, little plates or champagne glasses. Anything! It is so up to your imagination!

What you need for this first version I am introducing: Cashew Nuts, Balsamic Vinegar (get a good grade from Modena, and so NOT balsamic glaze or vinaigrette). Although, I think vinaigrette or an alternative oil based salad dressing will do fine. so NOT mayonnaise or thousand island or caesar. As for the cashews, you can go with salted, unsalted, or even flavoured. I use the Woolies brand of Thai Lime flavour. really good on its own too ;)

You just take the desired amount of noodles you want and twirl it onto the plate. Sprinkle however much of nuts you like (chopped or unchopped). Chopped will be easier to eat. Toss. And then 2 tablespoons of Balsamic and let it soak through. Top with more nuts for presentation. I also added some ikan bilis and peanuts that I brought from Singapore. If you have that, good too. But it is not everyone's liking...

For the second version, you need Smoked Salmon and cucumber and abit more garlic if you want.

Lay the bowl or plate with smoked salmon slices in a round shape. You can either make it a fully covered circle or a circle with a 'hole' in the middle for the noodles to go into. Slice cucumber lengthwise and pretty thin. Twirl noodles onto the smoked slamon and top with garlic. Just add the cucumber slices and you are good to go.

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Pretty easy huh?

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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