Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoestopper #14

After 2 sneakers posts, I have a very strong urge to blog about a pair of heels. But let's not go extreme with skyscraping ones. We will stay comfortable, near ground level at 2inches.

Women always need a few pairs in their wardrobe they don't particularly love too much but they must be wearable on a daily basis and very versatile. It should take you from a dull day at work, to a fun dinner with your loved one or the girlfriends! Unlike clothes, you cannot layer your shoes and take off a certain part of it to uncover a shorter hemline or sparkly top.

Photo credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com
And here was such a pair in my shoe collection! Not too high for work yet the thin silver heels make it look sexy and fun. It is a classic pair of white pumps, but with a black twist on your heels. So it really can go with anything! The zigzag design also cuts at the right places to un-dull the look and break the monotony. What more can you ask for? Comfort, yes this pair is. And can be made even more so with insoles.

I am just in love with the zigzag design, sort of a winged look no? So when I chanced upon it during the same trip as shoestopper #11 (or was it a separate trip to Macau and inevitably, crossing over to Zhu Hai for some cheap retail therapy), I had to get it. It wasn't expensive too, I can't remember but probably at around SGD10.

I wore it out clubbing a few times back in SG, so erm, the white parts were not so white anymore. So being extremely guilty about my extensive collection, I had to remove it from the collection recently. Here's to finding another pair like it in the near future! Do YOU have any pair of shoes in your collection that takes you from day to night?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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