Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shoestopper #11

Sick of food for abit so let's talk about shoes. I was looking through my shoe collection here which includes new ones as well as those I have brought over from Singapore because I want to wear them out. Today's shoestopper belongs to the latter category.

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I bought this pair from a trip to Zhu Hai, China walking over from Macau where I was really visiting. The underground mall is massive in Zhu Hai and one day is so NOT enough walking around and trying to buy up all the bargains. It is also a dizzying experience.

I just wanted a really comfortable pair for work and not too high. This one stands at about 3 inches with thicker heels so they are steadier. The upper part of the shoes are also made out of cloth and really quite soft. The peep toes may cut and be uncomfortable after long hours of walking. But for workwise, perfect. It is not the best looking pair around but it does alright and makes it look like I am making an effort when really I can't be bothered. The two straps are held by velcro so one had already come off but I super-glued it back on.

Back to wearable now and I am hoping to wear them as soon as possible because I have too many shoes and I have a similar one I love. I bought that similar but more expensive one before this pair. I only really bought this pair just because I can wear this one without much hassle and taking care of when I feel like wearing the nice ones but I know I won't want to because I want to keep it in pristine condition. I know I know, very OCD of me. Learning to let go and be less OCD.

So if anyone wants this pair, just let me know and it is yours. Because, they are likely to go to the Salvation Army soon if I don't wear them out first.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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